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Hair Extension Palace

Wieckowski to Honor African American Community Leaders

  • February 27, 2012
  • PATCH.COM; FEB. 27, 2012

"Fremont – Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont) will recognize four African Americans for their contributions to our community by hosting the African American Heritage Leadership Awards at noon this Sunday, February 26 at the Centerville Presbyterian Church gymnasium at 4360 Central Avenue in Fremont.

Among the honorees will be Arminta King, who is Assemblymember Wieckowski’s selection as the 20th Assembly District’s Woman of the Year. King has served as a volunteer coordinator at the Centerville Free Dining Room for more than a decade and has dedicated her life to caring for the hungry and homeless.

“Arminta is a very compassionate activist who has directed the serving of hundreds of meals, week after week, year after year to people in the Tri-Cities community,” Wieckowski said. “She is tireless in her efforts to help people, to make them feel comfortable and welcomed.”

In addition to King, Wieckowski will also honor:

  • Heidi Oatis founder of Heidi’s Image Enhancement Clinic. The clinic helps its patients cope with crisis, move on with dignity and regain their confidence. It’s a one-of-a-kind specialty clinic, for men, women and children who are undergoing radiation treatment, chemotherapy, Burn Trauma or Alopecia. All staff persons are licensed by the state or certified by the Board for Orthotist Prosthetist Certification. (BOC). Among the services Oatis provides are a range of seminars and classes filled with techniques and knowledge on non-surgical hair replacement and non-stressful hair weaving systems.
  • Gene Daniels, the chairman of the Newark Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. A graduate of Cal State East Bay, Daniels is a State Farm insurance agent who is active in education and business issues. As a charter member of the Fremont/Union City/Newark Rotary Club (F.U.N. Sunset Rotary Club), he is a part of numerous community service projects. Daniels is a Newark Memorial High School mentor and is on the Nishanti Advisory Board of Ohlone College.Anthony “Tony” Alexander is an active member of the San Jose Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Alexander is political director for the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 5, whose members work primarily in retail grocery stores and meatpacking and meat processing plants. Every year UFCW 5 teams up with the South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council for an annual toy drive that delivers hundreds of toys to children throughout the county. Alexander has served on the board of the San Jose Conservation Corps, the Mayor’s Gang Task Force and organized a Solidarity Rally last year on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination."

January 28, 2009 > Heidi's Image Enhancement Clinic restores confidence

Heidi's Image Enhancement Clinic restores confidenceBy Meenu Gupta

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's learning to dance in the rain," reads a picture frame in Heidi's Image Enhancement Clinic. That is exactly what the clinic helps to teach its patients; to cope with crisis, move on with dignity and regain their confidence. The clinic specializes in the highest quality human hair, non-surgical cranial and eyebrow prosthesis and a full line of human and synthetic fiber wigs. A one-of-a-kind specialty clinic, it is for men, women and children, who are undergoing chemotherapy, radiation treatment, Burn Trauma or Alopecia. Every staff member is licensed by the state or certified by the Board for Orthotist Prosthetist Certification (BOC).

The clinic is equipped with two private styling rooms. "We offer all of the services in a private environment to ensure comfort and confidentiality to all of our patients," said Heidi Oatis, President and CEO of Heidi's Image Enhancement Clinic. She specializes in non surgical hair replacement for all types of hair loss as well as hair enhancers. "A line of my African American wigs are displayed at UCSF University of California, San Francisco, Friend to Friend. Unlike with wigs, people can swim, shampoo, make a high ponytail or braid it, part it. The hairline is breathable and lightweight to scalp," she informed. "The eyebrows last for about 4-6 weeks; after that they can be cleaned and reapplied."

The private breast boutique provides custom mastectomy bra fitting and 100% silicone, FDA approved, breast prosthetics. "Climate control breast prosthetics adapt to weather making them comfortable to wear," said Oatis. "Mastectomy prosthetics fit in swimwear so the people going for chemotherapy can swim carefree." A maxillo-facial prosthesis helps re-create eyes, ear, nose and face damaged due to cancer or burn trauma. A specialized treatment garment called the Dignity Garment, provided only by the clinic, includes four portholes for patients who are undergoing chemo/radiation treatment and intravenous dialysis treatment.

Recommended by doctors, Lindi Skin Care products, oncology mouth rinse and feminine sprays are available to take care of adverse reaction to chemo/radiation treatment. Skin cooler soothes skin from radiation and burn and wound spray soothes the burns.

At the tender age of nine, Oatis developed a keen interest in hair and would examine wigs. At 19 she had decided to serve sick people. "I was sitting in my car by the window when I saw an old, frail lady step out of her car. A gust of wind blew her hat away; she was so embarrassed to see people note her baldness, I decided then and there what I had to do for the rest of my life," said Oatis.

A warm hug from Oatis, her compassionate smile and the welcoming ambience of the clinic gives moral support and an understanding listener that a patient needs foremost. "It feels awesome to see people smile again after getting treated successfully," said Oatis. Patients frequently send her cards of thanks and praise.

Oatis offers an array of classes and seminars filled with a wealth of knowledge and techniques regarding non surgical hair replacement and non stressful hair weaving systems. "We give a lot of literature to keep patients informed," she said. Oatis has enriched the lives of many Californians and people across the country for over 19 years. Others who work on the medical team are David Trainer, facial prosthetist and Raymond Peters, chief eye prosthetist.

Oatis often donates wigs and head wraps to help those who do not have enough money for prosthesis. She recently donated $5,500 dollars worth of prosthetics to a patient. The community can also donate or offer volunteer services. "We would like doctors, social workers, care providers and nurses to take a private tour of our clinic," Oatis said.

The Clinic also assists patients that have problems getting covered by their insurance company. "Our prices are for everyone starting at lower range to newest prosthesis," said Ms. Oatis.

To book a private consultation contact:

Heidi's Image Enhancement Clinic

2600 Central Avenue, Suite E, Union City

(510) 489-8400

[email protected]